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Together Kubera Wealth and Synchron Financial Advice Group bring extensive expertise helping clients manage their wealth. As a full-service wealth management firm we help with all aspects of your financial life, from customized financial planning and investment strategies to proactive planning and preparation for retirement and estate planning, we have your life journey covered.

This powerful combination will enhance your overall client experience and bring new resources and services to an already robust Kubera offering.

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Insurance Solutions - Protect Your Total Wealth

Safeguard your assets with insurance that complements and advances your broader wealth management goals.


There are many different investment options available to you and not all will be appropriate for your needs and because all investments involve risk, some options may sit more comfortably with you than others. This is why you need individually tailored advice. Prior to recommending any investment strategy, we determine not only your stage of life and overarching financial position, but your risk tolerances. We discuss various investment approaches with you along with the potential outcomes.


We identify your personal risk exposures and help you to implement insurance policies that will provide the financial protection you and those who rely upon you need. Specifically, these policies take into consideration your financial obligations should you fall seriously ill, have an accident that prevents you from earning or leaves you disabled or deceased. An appropriate personal protection plan is dependent upon a range of considerations including your stage of life, your level of responsibility and your overall financial position. Further, we also consider your insurance in tandem with your estate planning helping you to nominate how, and to whom, any monies from insurance claim payments would be distributed. While affordable premiums are important, more so is the careful selection of policies taking into consideration definitions that are compatible with your specific set of circumstances.


To effectively manage cash flow, you need to know where your money is going. Once you know what you're spending (and where), you can then modify your behaviour to increase your savings. A cashflow budget is an essential part of any financial plan. It helps you understand what cash will be available to meet expenses over a certain timeframe, usually 12 months.

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